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Delivered from Despair


A new opportunity to make a huge difference is in the abhorrent area of human trafficking – specifically the sex slave industry. Thousands of teenagers are sold, entrapped, coerced, tricked, or drugged to force them to become slaves of organized crime in many countries, especially in Asia. For example, about 20,000 young girls leave Nepal each year to become prostitutes in other countries. Every 30 seconds another person becomes a victim – 36 million girls are enslaved around the world.

Our goal is to rescue teens who would possibly become targets for human trafficking to other countries. We have fellow Christians in several places who are already involved in this rescue ministry. In 2017 we participated in building a safe house in Laos that will house 40 young ladies. We have agreed to build another safe house in Thailand in 2018. These girls will be going to school, living in safety and experiencing the love of God. In addition, they are assisted with vocational education and job placement. This is not just a dormitory, it is their home.

Many different organizations provide disaster relief, and at Body & Soul Ministries, we also feel the need to contribute. Since our inception we have always been ready to step in and help where we can. Disasters are continually happening all around the world, and we never even hear about many of the smaller ones. When a massive disaster hits, like the many typhoons that have occurred in the Philippines, the need is so tremendous that everyone should help.

Through the years, Body & Soul has responded to a wide variety of special requests, from medical/dental clinics in Peru, Guatemala, Iraq and Cambodia to funding for orphanages in China, Nigeria, Indonesia and Kenya. We have assisted in the aftermath of natural disasters in the Philippines, Nepal, India and more recently in Houston and Puerto Rico –delivering food, water and supplies to those affected by the devastation.



Body & Soul Ministries assisted the victims of the many typhoons that have hit the Philippines through the years.