vietnam: English centers

A Light in the Community


One of the 162 students at our 586 English Center at home with her mother and grandmother. 


In the area of Can Tho, Vietnam, a bright and energetic young lady has opened and runs two very successful English schools that serve the community. Ngan Huynh has returned home with her master’s degree from Oklahoma Christian University with a very well conceived and implemented plan for English schools, which taps into the need of local students to help them achieve passing scores on the required public education English exams. Staffed by highly qualified and passionate teachers, Body & Soul Ministries’ first school, 586 English Center in Can Tho City, has proven its success and enjoys a very positive reputation in the area.

With classes underway as of May 2017, the second school, Connor English Center, promises to further this success into new neighborhoods. Results from the first complete term at the new school show that 90% of its students are moving on to the next curriculum level.

Our hope is that we can continue to support this exciting project that is meeting a vital need in this community with a spirit of love and compassion. The staff at these facilities will by their words and their actions spread the message of Christ.

586 English Center

Can Tho City, Vietnam

Established June 15, 2015

162 students

Age range: 4-18 yrs

Staff: 6 support, 18 teachers with university and master degrees in English Education.

Tuition: $22 to $30 per month with scholarships available to assist those who cannot afford tuition.

Connor English Center

Has Giang Province, Vietnam

First classes began May 22, 2017

12 classes

171 students

Ages: 4 to 18

Staff: 17

Tuition: $23 to $33 per month with discounts for those in need.