indonesia: Eye surgery camps

The Blind Shall See


Since 2005, Body & Soul Ministries has worked to bring sight to those suffering from the effects of cataracts in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra. Poor diet, daily exposure to the intense equatorial sun, and insufficient access to medical services in this area of Indonesia has led to a high rate of cataract occurrence. These cataracts, often left untreated for years, have held many Indonesians back in their pursuits of work and education. 

Our involvement originated from relationships developed with missionaries in the area while working together to provide relief in the wake of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Today, we work bi-annually in several locations in North Sumatra, including the island of Nias. Body & Soul has performed over 7,000 eye surgeries since its inception.


We use a team of Indonesian medical professionals for this project and aim to serve those who could not otherwise afford cataract surgery. Our North Sumatra project manager Marganda Marbun lays the groundwork for each surgery camp by finding patients who are in need of this life changing operation through the use of radio and print advertising throughout the community. He has worked with us since 2005 diligently planning for the needs of our Indonesian medical teams and the patients we serve.

In an effort to utilize our donated funds most effectively, Marganda works in conjunction with our accountant Erni Halim, in Medan. Through the combined efforts of our entire Indonesian team, Body & Soul is able to offer cataract surgery for approximately $125 per eye. This dedicated team relentlessly works to improve the quality of life for those in need of sight, demonstrating Christ’s love and healing in North Sumatra. We sincerely thank you for your generosity in donating and keeping this project in your prayers. We hope to maintain a pace of 700+ eyes per year, but we will need your support to do so.


A young grandson keeps his grandfather company after his surgery at the Gunug Sitoli Hospital, Nias.