March Eye Surgery Camps a Success!

Body & Soul Ministries board members Danny Carrigan and Greg Smith recently returned from our three surgery camps in Batak Land in Northern Sumatra – Perdagangan Hospital, Simalungun; Porsea Hospital, Balige; Dolok Sanggul Hospital, Dolok Sanggul. Our surgeons performed 428 cataract surgeries from March 19 through March 24. Body & Soul’s total eye surgery count since 2005 is now 7,126 eyes. Danny and Greg also had a chance to follow-up on 10 year-old Rinaldi, who had both eyes operated on last year. It was wonderful to see him walking up to the house unassisted with a big smile on his face. Thank you to all who donate to this great work – you’re making a life-changing difference!

Greg Smith