752 Eyes Now See in 2018

 In 2018 we continued doing eye surgeries in Indonesia. As this project continues we find ourselves gaining friends and respect within the country. This year in two surgical camps the team continued to operate like a well oiled machine in conducting 752 cataract removals. Over 7,450 eyes have had sight restored in North Sumatra over the last 10 years thanks to your generosity. We continue to have growing success in developing this program in a country that is nearly 90% Muslim. We have enjoyed working with this team of Indonesian medical professionals and arranging future plans with the Heath Department of North Sumatra, and each year we are met with more cooperation. Just in October, after completing 324 eye surgeries in Gunung Sitoli, we travelled to Medan to meet with government officials. We went into the meeting with some concern that attempts might be made to limit our work, but instead found officials who had taken precautionary steps to be sure that the project would continue without interference. And so we look forward to doing another 700+ eye surgeries in 2019 in a few new villages hopefully. Our hope is to continue in this project for many more years. We do not take for granted though, that this hope is dependent upon your generosity. So we hope you will commit this, and our other projects to prayer and continue to entrust us with your donations.

Greg Smith