Rescuing Vulnerable Young Girls in Asia

Despite some fear among local Christians regarding a crackdown on “religious activity”, a “safe house” home was built with funds from Body & Soul Ministries in 2018 which is now home for seven young ladies. The girls are young. The oldest at this house was 14. These young ladies were in dire need of a safe home and protection from the very real threat of human trafficking. The progress in recruiting others who are at risk for trafficking is hindered by the fear of government authorities and their restrictions on religious activity. “H” and his family care for these young ladies as if they were their own children and they just seem like a big happy family. While we visited, the girls shared verses from Proverbs they had chosen to discuss and asked the adults to give insight into what these passages of wisdom mean. “H” led them in singing praise songs, and in a traditional Laos dance. It was really great. The house is of the highest quality and very well designed for its purpose. It is secure, surrounded by a metal pointed fence with a metal gate, and somewhat outside of the business of the city. We are very excited about this project, and we would love to build more safe houses in partnership with Ron Brown of Save Asian Souls. Please consider sharing this need with others who might be looking to give to projects with such eternal impact. Funding is our primary limitation right now when it comes to building more safe houses.

Greg Smith